A Smelly Obsession

I absolutely love candles. Big, small and everything in between. I especially love scented candles. Growing up we never had such things as air fresheners and candles. We didn’t have the little touches which to me, make a house a home.

Once I settled into my first home I knew I wanted to create the perfect ambiance and agonised over such details as bulb wattage and glow. I surrounded myself with all the things I loved and could afford.

I enjoy walking into a room and being greeted with a subtle fragrance. To me, each room is a different personality and I express this via scents. For example, I enjoy a fresh, citrus scent in the bathroom and a more musky scent in the hallway and lounge. I experiment in the kitchen and use this room to try out new fragrances.

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Items I’m Loving This Week #1

Items I’m Loving This Week is a series where I tell you about a handful of items, shows, books etc. I am currently loving.

Zoella Merry & Bright Bubble Bath


I bath every day, without fail and I am loving the fresh smelling and luxurious feeling of Zoella Merry & Bright bubble bath (a Christmas gift from my son). It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a stopper lid which I feel adds to its luxe look. I so happy this product lived up to my expectations. Next purchase – Zoella Scooper Dooper!

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A New Year Pledge

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for many, many years. Unfortunately, like so many others I allowed my shyness, reservations and the opinions of others to take precedence over my dream. No more!

This year I am going for it. I have decided to go for everything I desire. Now I’m aware that one cannot have everything one wants. However, one can bloody try.

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