Hoops for Me


My style has been something I have wanted to overhaul for such a long time. From changing my hairstyle and wearing clothes I love and feel good in as opposed to ones I can simply “just afford”, a “new me” has been at the top of my list for the last several years. I realise that finding my sense of style will be an ongoing process and that I will not have a specific or definitive look (although that might also change).

As I think back to my early twenties (10 years ago now!), I surprise myself at how daring and fashion-confident I was. I worked in an office where I wouldn’t think twice about mixing prints or fabrics or brightening up a complete black outfit with a colourful pair of shoes, blazer or even belt. I received compliments daily and was even told how a person couldn’t wait for me to walk through the door to see what I was wearing.


I’m trying hard not to dwell on where this version of me went as life is forever moving forward and situations arise where things just change. I get this. However, I do on occasion find myself wishing for at least a morsel of the confidence I obviously experienced and expressed back then.


So, I’ve decided to start with a category I feel is more affordable for me to be slightly more adventurous – jewellery. Specifically, earrings. A simple, discreet and usually inexpensive way to update any outfit. I’m currently obsessed with earrings and the beautiful designs on offer.


My blogging journey is literally only weeks in and because I have made a pledge to myself to go for what I want I placed my first order with & other stories. I scrolled through their earring offerings (being mindful not to head straight to the sale section) and found several pairs. I limited myself to two pairs this time and after ordering them on a Friday night, they arrived at my office Monday morning.

First point – & other stories delivery is superb as I was expecting my purchases to arrive Wednesday/Thursday!


I opened my package with such excitement and I was not disappointed as I held the minimalist packaging in each hand. I ordered two various styles of hoops, both gold plated and reasonably priced. I wear my hair up and off my face a lot (I need to change this) and these hoops add such an understated element of style. I’m glad I ordered them in the gold-plated option as I do feel that this compliments my skin tone brilliantly.


Thank you for reading my post.

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