The Clarins Touch


It is safe to say that I am a beauty products fiend. I read fellow blogs and watch trustee YouTubers and I am not embarrassed to say, I often take a break from reading or pause the video mid-way in order to make a purchase (or at the very least, put items in my basket so that I do not forget them). My skin care journey is very much ongoing and whilst I have just laid bare my influential side, I do not buy every item thrust in my path. I have a smidgen of discipline and my skin is definitely an area that it is exercised.

Today I share with you the marvellous Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Lip Oil. A bit of a mouthful but a definite must-have in your skin care routine. I purchased the mint lip oil (06) from the Clarins counter in my local Debenhams. The sales assistant was lovely and she laughed at me as I told her how excited I was to finally be purchasing it!


When I got back to my car I opened the smart, deep red packaging, twisted the gold lid and pulled out the wand. The oil is applied with a thick doe-foot applicator and the product glides on smoothly with the subtle mint fragrance wafting up toward the nostrils. And even though the product is a gorgeous marine green colour, it glides on clear. Once applied there is a faint tingling which I personally love and is the reason I chose the mint oil. I like my lips to feel energised and revitalised, especially first thing in the morning and this product delivered.


The oil feels a little sticky once applied, which I was kind of shocked about. Although, upon reflection I prefer the slight stickiness to a greasy oily product. After a while the oil absorbs into the lips and leaves them feeling incredibly soft. In fact, I cannot articulate just how insanely soft my plump lips feel after I use this product. It actually rivals the Nivea Original Lip Care I included in my Items I’m Loving This Week #2.


Aside from the Clarins Lip Oil exceeding my expectations, I also wanted to talk about the packaging of this beautiful product. It comes in a slim, hard plastic container with a gold lid. The Clarins branding and product details such as volume and shelf-life are also written on the packaging in classy gold writing. I’m all about the experience of a product and I feel as though I am handling a luxurious and reputable lip product which offers more than just a shine.

The Clarins Lip Oil is made up using an innovative formula containing a unique blend rich in plant-based active ingredients, including three botanical oils; hazel seed oil, jojoba seed oil and shea butter. These ingredients help to nourish and protect your lips and I can definitely testify to this. The mint lip oil contains menthol and this helps to promote visibly plumped lips. Now, I personally do not need any help with the plumping of my lips, however, I definitely enjoy the subtle sensation when applying this product.

Research has also revealed that 8 out of 10 women were convinced by “the ultra-shiny results and nourishing comfort”. I agree with these results. This product is worth every penny and the results are instantaneous. If you only invest in one high-end lip care product this year, it has to be this one.

Thanks for reading my post.

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