A Smelly Obsession Take 2!

Although my blog is relatively new, for those of you who have joined me on my journey thus far you will know that I am candle obsessed. In my blog post A Smelly Obsession, a precursor to this post, I write about my love of candles and my hunt to find a particular type after watching one of my favourite YouTubers. A few weekends ago my lovely Nanny surprised me with a candle gift set from Aldi. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and thanked her profusely as I started drafting this blog post in my mind.


sbatchlife.com is definitely becoming the stage for me to share who I am and part of that is sharing the things I genuinely love.

So, without further ado I will share my thoughts on this surprising candle range from the discount supermarket.

_20180120_145511No. 1 Lime, Basil and Mandarin

Out of the three candles, this fragrance is definitely my favourite. In fact, I purchased this solo candle back in October and was impressed by the subtle fragrance it gave off when burning and how clean it burned. I used this candle in my kitchen as it is a fresh, yet comforting scent. In addition, and I’m unsure if this is just me, but I felt as though this fragrance neutralised the cooking smells in the kitchen!

This candle was slightly smaller than the one I purchased back in October, but it gave off the gorgeous subtle scent as expected and also burned evenly. The jars display a delicate label with two clear styles of writing and a gold border, absolutely reminiscent of the Jo Malone branding. Even down to the chrome lid.

Side note; there is going to be a lot of posts about candles on my blog and I will definitely be doing one on Jo Malone as I am eager to compare with the Aldi range.

No. 2 Blackberry and Bay


This one is my second favourite from the range. The blackberry notes are definitely prominent and just like No. 1, the subtle fragrance fills the room (in this case, the lounge) without being overpowering. The packaging is exactly like No. 1 as is the quality of the candle. It burns clean and evenly and looks gorgeous on the windowsill, next to my faux flower arrangement.

No. 3 Pomegranate


I’m undecided on this one. It isn’t horrible, however, I’m finding that I’m not in a hurry to light it (which is unlike me). It’s currently in the kitchen, taking the spot of No. 1. The fragrance is subtle, just like the others and it certainly fills the room. On the Aldi website its label says Pomegranate Noir. However, on the packaging I have it simply says Pomegranate.

I would highly recommend these candles, even No. 3 as I feel it’s just the fragrance I’m not in love with and this may be more appealing to others. The quality you receive is unsurpassed considering how inexpensive they are. I absolutely love candles (for the millionth time) and I have to admit, I would happily pay over the odds for one. However, I get just as excited about a higher priced candle as I do the 39p candles I often bulk buy from Home Bargains (post on the way) and everything in between. The Aldi candles, especially No. 1 is definitely in my top 10 of favourite candles. Love ‘em!

As you can probably imagine, I have a lot of empty candle jars and I try to be as creative with their use as possible. I aim to write about what I do with these empties very soon.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

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