All Go for Glam Glow!


I peruse the Space NK website weekly, popping items into my basket to decide later on which one will be my payday treat. Only, I never get round to actually purchasing any of my coveted items as bills and other little odds and sods crop up, taking my hard earned cash (not bitter!). In the latest installment for my series Items I’m Loving This Week, I featured a product I was extremely lucky enough to receive as a gift from a colleague whose partner worked at the local Space NK. I was ecstatic to receive my bag of goodies. More recently, my colleague asked if there were any products I would like and I mentioned the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment. Two days later I was handed the gorgeous pot and once again squealed with delight.

Several months ago I decided that it was time to take care of my skin and ever since then, I have been determined to find key products as part of my routine. My daily skincare routine is extremely simple – I use a tea tree, witch hazel and charcoal daily cleanser in the evenings, followed by applying the Rodial Stem Cell Booster Oil to my cheek bones, nose area and eyebrows. In the mornings I simply wash my face in warm water with a face cloth and apply the Rodial Stem Cell Booster Oil to the areas I mentioned before and then I moisturize my entire face and neck with the Boots Simply Sensitive Protecting Day Moisturiser with SPF 15 and aloe vera. My skin is thriving.

However, I do not want to become complacent with my skin again and this is where the Glam Glow Supermud comes in – it will revive my skin and give it a boost.


After washing my face with a warm, damp face cloth I dipped my clean foundation brush into the pot and applied a thin layer to my skin, being careful not to get too close to my eyes. First impressions – the product smelled like aniseed (this can be attributed to the liquorice root extract). Not a smell I typically gravitate toward, but it was bearable. The product felt cool and fresh when first applied followed by a slight tingling, but nothing to worry about.


My skin felt tight as the product started to dry (which I liked). I left it on for 20 minutes and then washed it off with warm water. Wow! My skin felt incredible. It felt super soft, tightened and looked revitalized. All of that after the first use! Remarkable!


Now for some technical details. The mask is enriched with ingredients such as glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids. These acids are effective in healing damaged skin, smoothing pigmentation and providing  deep nourishment to the complexion. The main ingredient in the mask is water which means it is a hydrating product and does not dry out the skin. It is recommended that you use a sunscreen after use for at least a week. My daily moisturizer includes SPF.

I would highly recommend this product. In fact, I’ve just added the Glam Glow Gravitymud Firming Treatment to my Space NK basket. Review coming soon.

Let me know in the comments which products you swear by.

Thanks for reading my post.

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