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Contentment: noun; the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.  

This week I have sat and listened to numerous people complain about their job, life and overall being. However, these same said people were quick with their retorts when others expressed the same dissatisfaction by saying “well at least it’s a job”.

Least Pic

Least: adjective; lowest in consideration, position or importance.

This got me thinking (as perusal). Once again, I have found myself in a job I detest. I feel trapped, used and overwhelmingly jaded. These feelings are absolutely contradictory to who I am as a person and therefore, unlike my previous reactive actions I have a plan in place to ensure that this time is different. I won’t be sharing my plan at this stage, but is now my platform to express the person I want to be and therefore as time goes on you will see my plan unfold.


I felt inspired to write this post this weekend as a method to vent as by doing so, I often realise through my ramblings what is important. For me, I do not wish to be contented (a state I realised I have been in for years). I do not wish to be comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, to be literally comfortable as I sit and tap away on my laptop is absolutely welcomed. But what I mean is, I do not wish to be comfortable and satisfied with mediocrity.


Existing, showing up and merely coasting through my life is no longer an option. I want more. But I’m fed up with just saying that I want more – I’m taking action and going for it. was the first step to ensuring I started on the road to putting myself out there. I’ve posted 3 times now (this post will be the 4th) and each time I select publish adrenalin surges through me and I feel excited, scared, nervous and accomplished all at once. It’s amazing.


So to summarize this post, I guess it’s a reminder to me that I want more, it’s OK to want more and to continue with the plan (hahahahaha). And to you, lovely reader, I encourage you to go for all that your heart desires.

Thanks for ready my post.

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