Items I’m Loving This Week #2

Items I’m Loving This Week is a series where I tell you about a handful of items, shows, books etc. I am currently loving.



Boots Simply Sensitive Protecting Day Moisturizer with SPF15


I’ve always had nice skin. In fact, I took it for granted that my skin was nice and I’m embarrassed to say that I failed to treat it with respect. That was until after my 34th birthday where I noticed my skin was becoming dry, flaky with patches of red in certain areas. So I watched a few skincare routines and followed those up with researching products online. The world of skincare is overwhelming and I decided that simplicity was best and wanted a routine with as little steps as possible to ensure I would keep them up. I decided to go into Boots one Saturday morning and perused their skincare aisle and again, the overwhelming feeling I got as I stood staring at product after product washed over me.I ended up at the Boots own brand section and picked up the Boots Simply Sensitive Protecting Day Moisturizer with SPF15. This product has honestly made such a positive and noticeable change to my skin. I absolutely love it. It soaks in immediately and leaves the skin feeling supple and refreshed. I use this every morning during the week and at weekends if I’m venturing out.

Rodial Stem Cell Booster Oil


I was giving a Space NK gift bag full of sample sizes by a colleague for Christmas. Space NK is beauty products goals for me! So when I walked into the office and saw this gorgeous black gift bag on my desk I squealed with delight. Amongst some other fantastic products, the gift bag contained the Rodial Stem Cell Booster Oil. I used it that night after cleansing concentrating it on the tops of my cheeks, nose and eyebrows. I massaged the oil in followed by gently tapping those areas. I’ve used it almost every day since and it has definitely made a difference to the appearance of my skin. I feel like it gives a more youthful and plump look which I love. I use it twice a day – in the morning under my Boots moisturizer and alone after cleansing in the evening. I love it.


Nivea Original Care Lip Balm


This has always been my favourite lip balm product and has always delivered. I go through phases where I purchase other brands, often way pricier and they just never seem to live up to the Nivea Original Care Lip Balm. I have quite plump, juicy lips and a couple applications of this amazing product provides more than adequate moisture which lasts for a while. It doesn’t leave a tacky residue after applying and once the product has absorbed it leaves my lips feeling incredibly soft.


New Look Night Parfum


I picked this up in October and I liked it for a week or so and then fell out of love with it until more recently. The wet fragrance is not to my liking. However, I’d forgotten how spicy and woody it smelled once it dried down. I absolutely love more masculine, sultry scents on me. My favourite all time fragrance was Dolce & Gabbana Femme and I was devasted when I learned that this fragrance had been discontinued and replaced with a somewhat more feminine scent! Anyway, back to New Look Night Parfum – I’ve worn this every day this week,k spritzing it behind my ears and on my wrists. It lasts all day and I fall in love with the scent the longer it is on my skin. I’m trying to recall why I pushed it to the back of my collection!!


Faux flowers


I used to work at the head office of a popular retail giant before moving back to the Cotswold in 2016. Every Friday a companywide email would go out to say that we could go and pick a bunch of free flowers. Ever since then I have loved having flowers in the house and I treat myself to a fresh bunch every 2 or 3 weeks. However, I also like faux flowers and was pleasantly surprised during my recent Saturday trip to town to find some faux flowers I actually liked. I picked myself up a stem of dusky pink orchids from Wilko and a stem of yellow peonies from Poundland. I also bought a slim, dark green glass vase and decided to put them both into the vase to display on the main windowsill in the lounge. I’m loving how the colours complement each other and add a much needed splash of colour into my otherwise sterile-esq living area.

I am now inspired to purchase more faux flowers!

Thank you for reading my post.

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