A Smelly Obsession

I absolutely love candles. Big, small and everything in between. I especially love scented candles. Growing up we never had such things as air fresheners and candles. We didn’t have the little touches which to me, make a house a home.

Once I settled into my first home I knew I wanted to create the perfect ambiance and agonised over such details as bulb wattage and glow. I surrounded myself with all the things I loved and could afford.

I enjoy walking into a room and being greeted with a subtle fragrance. To me, each room is a different personality and I express this via scents. For example, I enjoy a fresh, citrus scent in the bathroom and a more musky scent in the hallway and lounge. I experiment in the kitchen and use this room to try out new fragrances.

I received a gorgeous white musk and bergamot (my favourite smell) 3-wick candle for Christmas and according to the label, it had a burn time of 90 hours. Over the Christmas period I burned that candle every day, sometimes for 12/14 hours! I’ve decided to take it easy now as I really do love the scent and have decided to only burn it on weekends in the evenings to ensure I can enjoy it for as long as possible.

DSC_0436 (1)Another candle brand I discovered during the build up to Christmas was DW Homes in Homesense. I picked up the Midnight Snow candle and I am so glad I did. As I shopped that day I silently declared this candle our Christmas candle and had to fight the urge to light it before Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve morning I lit the DW Home candle and the fragrance filled the entire house. In fact, I’m burning what’s left of it as I write this post and the smell is so comforting, reminiscent of warm apple pie with a trace of cinnamon. It came in a black, translucent jar with a silver, sparkly lid.

Considering my obsession with scented candles – actually, fragrances, period – you’d think I’d be able to articulate a smell and that my eager nostrils would be able to identify the individual notes. However, I fail miserably at this task L

December 2017 was my first time watching vlogmas on YouTube and I bloody loved it. I thoroughly enjoy watching people live their lives. It’s fascinating to me. I have a handful of YouTubers who I watch weekly and one in particular is the lovely Zoella. Her personality always shines through and her positive and cheery manner makes me smile. Anyhoo, one of her vlogmas’ involved unboxing a Christmas package from some fellow YouTubers in America and in this package were several DW Home candles. So, I decided that once Christmas was over I would head back to Homesense in search of some of these candles and buy a few more to  review them for sbatchlife.com.

I was a little disappointed as my local Homesense didn’t have many candles on offer, and what was on offer wasn’t really ticking my candle must-have boxes! However, I walked away with two; DW Home Unwind and The Saville Row Company Elite Linen.

DW Home candles are hand poured and Unwind in particular contains essential oils. The quality of the candle is superior and fast becoming my favourite brand of candle. The candle burns evenly, clean and releases a subtle and calming fragrance throughout the house.


It comes in a beautiful transparent glass jar tinged in a classic taupe colour with a white lid embossed with the logo. The jar adds an understated “pop” of colour in my plain white lounge, complemented by the dark green glass vase and faux peony and another variety of flower I picked up in Wilko.


The Saville Row Company candle smelled great before burning and reminded me of soft masculine scents. I had high hopes for this guy! However, I’ve been burning it during the evenings and it does not give off any fragrance. The candle itself comes neatly packaged displaying the celebrated brand which has been around for eons. Like I said, I had high hopes for this candle and was very disappointed that the pre-burn fragrance failed to fill my lounge. Nonetheless, it looks fantastic on the windowsill and I have decided to try another fragrance before writing this brand off completely.


Thank you for reading my post.

Sbatchelor__1__FO7E5D896AA3 (1)

2 thoughts on “A Smelly Obsession

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve just read your post “First Boudoir Shot” and loved it and can totally relate. Whilst I am nowhere as glamorous as you (or unique), I too struggle with confidence in regards to my appearance (hence the caricature avatar). Thank you so much for checking out my post and I look forward to catching up with yours. Have a great day xXx


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