A New Year Pledge

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for many, many years. Unfortunately, like so many others I allowed my shyness, reservations and the opinions of others to take precedence over my dream. No more!

This year I am going for it. I have decided to go for everything I desire. Now I’m aware that one cannot have everything one wants. However, one can bloody try.

I love to write and I also love to read and watch others live their lives. So I thought why not try this myself? As I sit here typing my very first post for sbatchlife.com, adrenaline is coursing through my body as I internally battle with the instinct to stop. You see, I don’t know if anyone will be interested in what I have to say or what I’m getting up to. I don’t know if anyone will care for my opinion on a pair of beautifully sculpted earrings or a yummy luxury biscuit. I really have no idea. However, I need to try. I need to try this out to see if I am good enough to play in the arena of blogging.

sbatchlife.com will be my platform to deliver thoughts on jewellery, food, beverages, fashion and even my own personal journey to sorting my finances (a topic I am extremely passionate about). I hope to show you who I am and that you will get a taste of my character.

I scour the internet daily for inspiring people who are taking control of every aspect of their lives and living the way they choose to live. I love that. I enjoy a vlog as well as a well written piece on a product I’m interested in. I must also confess that I have purchased products I was unfamiliar with off the back of watching a Youtuber or reading a blog post. Communication fascinates me. And seeing a product, a view, a service or even a scenario through the eyes and words of someone else is absolutely captivating for me.

My aim is simple – to share my life and thoughts with you. I do hope that you will join me on this journey. I’m not perfect and I am certainly up for the challenges ahead. Social media and putting myself out there is such a new concept for me. I’m definitely conflicted because I am naturally a private person. Yet I believe that the treasure you seek is in the cave you fear (or suchlike). And what is this treasure? To meet new people, have new experiences and to feel alive. To live!

Thank you for reading my first post.


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